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Beach Resorts in Batangas – Team Building Venues : Gun Run

The Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resorts is too enthusiastic to serve you in the best venues for company outing and team building activities and games or family weekend getaway this summer vacation! Have an adventurous experience at the Batangas Beach and tell us how you feel about it. Enjoy!

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Gun Run is a challenge – pure and simple!’

The Story

One of the centre pieces of the Royal Tournament The Gun Run’ features a race to transport a gun and limber over an obstacle course containing walls and chasms for it to be reassembled and fired to denote the winning team. It is widely considered amongst Navel staff to be the ultimate as a team work drill.

We have recreated The Gun Run to act as a centre piece activity complementing any team building event. To achieve this we have simplified (and lightened) the gun and limber arrangement and reduced both the distances and heights yet retained all the elements that make The Gun Run what it is: The team building exercise!

Teams compete against the clock in order to obtain the best time of the day. Ultimately we ask for the ‘best’ representative teams to be assembled: one all male, one all female and one mixed team. Their times will be entered into the season’s best aiming for the ultimate accolade: Gun Runners of the Year!

The teams face a simple proposition: to move the gun and limber around the course in the quickest time possible.

Organisational skills to the fore enabling the team to move in a fast and efficient manner utilising their individual strengths and abilities. Can they surmount the walls; take the zip wire over the chasm and once reassembled fire the gun? Who goes first, which order is best, how do you shave those vital seconds?

Ultimately, working as a cohesive unit you achieve your goal and the sound of the firing gun resounds echoing heroic deeds of the past, placing today’s accomplishment within the great British tradition of ‘The Gun Run!

Finally from the amassed might of friends and colleagues can representative teams, cheered on by the supporting throng, post times that will rival all comers? Establishing a record that makes their efforts shine like a beacon of glory on our leaders board awaiting the end of season tally when they might be crowned ‘The Gun Runners of the Year.

Recommended as an individual team building activity, either as a stand alone item or as the centre piece within a team build rotation on our Krypton Maze Activity. Alternatively The Gun Run could be used as an activity at a family fun day.

The Gun Run is for outdoor use and cannot be assembled on hard standing.

Teams can be between 4 and 10 strong on a general team build event, however to enter the overall competition representative teams must comprise of six people, teams in the mixed category must comprise of three male and three female competitors.

Any number of teams can be catered for providing a suitable time frame is allocated: we suggest that a 20 minute period be allowed as a minimum for each team involved.

The Event equipment supplied includes: towers, zip line, gun, limber, safety harnesses, crash hats and gloves. There is also a pyrotechnic bang denoting finish for each team. There will be three of our event delivery team present.

Beach in Batangas

Credits to teambuildingsolutions

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