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Anilao Diving Resort in Batangas Philippines

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Swimming Pools

Batangas Hotel Double-Level Swimming Pool

The two level main pool at Eagle Point Beach Resort and Hotel in Batangas has been designed for bot fun and relaxation, the top pool features a waterfall and access to a slide for both children and adults, the slide connects both pools together. Located at the side of the Eagle’s Nest is the two level pool surrounded by lush greenery is great for a refreshing morning swim or for entertaining the children whilst mum and dad sit and have lunch all the while taking in the breathtaking sea views also right in front of Anilao diving spots.


Bathing Pool

Eagle Point’s newest pool is found at the quiet South End of the resort where you get a spectacular view of Maricaban, Sepoc, and Sombrero islands. The South End pool is a boon to occupants of the Cottages and Native Cabanas, which are just a short walk to this new facility. Terrace Hotel guests wishing a bit more privacy at the South End can take a leisurely stroll along the garden path or hop on our golf cart to get there. No need to pack a picnic basket, there is a poolside bar and coffee shop to cater to your appetite.


The Reef Pool (Salt Water)


From the main swimming pool deck down a short flight of stairs to our water sport pier next to the Safety Stop Dive Shop is our Reef Pool. This pool is about 12 feet deep. For easy in and out access, six broad steps descend about 4 feet down. For many of our guests, this pool is a real attraction mainly because they get to swim with baby sharks and other fish.

Besides being a launching pad and training tank for novice divers and snorkelers, the reef pool was conceived for those who were afraid to swim in the “big blue sea”. So, what we had in mind was an extremely large aquarium filled with different sea creatures where you can swim in it with no fear.

At first,the pool had only small fish but then a guest donated a sea turtle named Charmaine which grew up in a bath tub. You can imagine how happy she was when she had more space.Five years later, with the help of the Dep’t of Fisheries [DOF] who tagged her, Charmaine was released into the wild. Later, we rescued six baby black tip sharks from nets of a fisherman which stayed in our pool for about a year before they were released. Then other baby sharks found their way into our pool every year until they were ready for release which was monitored by DOF. At first, we worried about guests not using the reef pool but then guests loved swimming up close to Jaws Jr. Take note that though the baby sharks are docile, you will be reminded that they are still wild animals. So, the rule is look but no touching. Besides the sharks is not what you should really worry about. You have to watch out for a 12 pound grouper [Lapu-Lapu] with a mean disposition mainly because when we rescued him he had a spear sticking out of him. We nick named him Gus.

Aside from being a temporary home for several species of marine animals, our Reef Pool is also used by the local marine conservation authorities as a rehabilitation pool for injured or juvenile animals that are either too weak or too young to survive in the wild. Animals are kept with the resort until they are well enough or old enough to be released back into the open sea. This is just one area of Eagle Point Resort’s contribution to the preservation of marine life.

Anilao Diving and Beach Resort

Resort Address : Barangay Bagalangit,Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines
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