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Anilao Diving Resort in Batangas Philippines

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Fun and adventure by the sea and under the sea…

Anilao Diving Resort is part of the Verde Island Passage, one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world. If you want to know the best place to scuba dive in the Philippines, Anilao is the seaside haven you’re looking for. It is strategically situated for scuba diving and snorkeling being in the middle of a network of 30 dive spots bursting with marine life and blessed with clear visibility.

We do our best to protect the reefs and kaleidoscope of marine biodiveristy we have at Anilao to make sure that every guest is privy to our 287 coral species, a much more colorful underwater sight compared to Caribbean’s 50 species, and 250 species offered by the world-famous Tubbataha Reefs in the Sulu Seas of South of the Philippines.

We offer basic and advance scuba diving lessons while enjoying Beach in Batangas along Anilao coral reefs right in front of Eagle Point Resort Philippines.



For certified divers

DAY DIVE – Group of 4 Divers Php 2,700.00/diver/2 dives
DAY DIVE – Group of 3 Divers Php 3,300.00/diver/2 dives
DAY DIVE – Group of 2 Divers Php 4,200.00/diver/2 dives
DAY DIVE – Solo Diver Php7,600.00/diver/2 dives
Introductory Dive Php 3,500.00/diver
Try Scuba Dive Php 2,000.00/diver
Snorkeling / Skin Diving Php 1,650.00/diver
NIGHT DIVE – Solo Diver Php5,750.00/diver
NIGHT DIVE – Group of 2 Divers Php3,600.00/diver
NIGHT DIVE – Group of 3 Divers Php2,500.00/diver
NIGHT DIVE – Group of 4 Divers Php2,000.00/diver

Inclusive of:

  • Two (2) Tanks
  • Weights Belt
  • 1 round trip of dive boat
  • Service of professional guide for 2 dives
  • Dive ticket


  • Complete gear rental = Php1,350.00/day use
  • BCD = Php500.00/day use
  • Regulator set = Php500.00/day use
  • Notes:
    Other concerns:
    – The dive site should only be 30 minutes away by boat. Additional boat fee if diver has a preferred dive spot based on distance.
    – Additional boat dive at
    o 1 Diver: Php3,250.00/diver
    o 2 Divers: Php2,100.00/diver
    o 3 Divers: Php1,500.00/diver
    o 4 Divers: Php1,200.00/diver
    – There is a Php3,500.00 additional boat cost for Ligpo dive trip, devil point, coconut dive spot, Bonito, and red palm (to be shared by the number of divers) plus dive ticket at Php250.00/person.

    All divers must present a C-card or a diving Logbook with a record training in any level. All dives are non-decompression only and Dive master shall control all dives. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Reservations must be confirmed with at least 50% down payment. Bringing in foods and beverages are strictly prohibited. Major credit cards are accepted. Above rates are subject to change without prior notice.

    Shuttle Service

    Car service – good for 1 or 2 persons Php00.00net/round trip
    Van – good for 2-6 persons  Php 00.00net/round trip 
    Service for one way  Php 00.00net/one way
    Service for 1 whole day  Php 00.00net/round trip
    Transportation Fee for 6 persons  Php 00.00net/1 way (Airport-Eagle Point Resort)

    Day Tour Package

    Php 1, 200.00 net per person

    INCLUSIONS: Welcome drink, Parking fee, Set Lunch and Use of resort’s common facilities

    Add-On Rates

    Massage Php900.00 net/person/hour
    Kayaking Php300.00 net/unit/half hour
    Snorkeling Php300.00 net/person/day
    Dive Guide Php00.00 net/dive
    Dive Master Php00.00/dive
    Dive Master (night dive) Php00.00/dive
    Dive Boat (min. charge) Php4,500.00 net/minimum/round trip
    SNORKELING/SKIN DIVING Php1,650.00.00net/person
    INTRODUCTORY SCUBA DIVING PHP3, 500.00 net/person

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    Anilao Diving and Beach Resort

    Resort Address : Barangay Bagalangit,Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines
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    Anilao Diving resort   Anilao Diving resort  Anilao Diving resort  Anilao Diving resort  Anilao Diving resort  Anilao Diving resort