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Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach Resort : Take the professional cooking challenge to be a Junior Master Chef
Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Dive Resort is one of the best weekend getaway destination, that has a huge facilities to cater the demands of the growing influx of local and foreign tourists. The Beach Resort has a lot of outdoor activities where you can also experiment stuffs to make your vacation memorable. Last Saturday, January 17, 2015 at exactly 9:00 in the morning the beach resort held its cooking lesson activity for kids at the pool area. Based on Chef John they do this activity every time they have lots of children guest. 7 kids was given the chance to participate in the said event namely (Ethan Diomampo, Erika Traboulsi, Sacha Traboulsi, Omar Mohamed, Hana Mohamed, Luis Enrique Ballesteros, and Roberto Carlos Ballesteros).

 epr1In this photo Ms. Grace together with the two F&B Staff are preparing for the activity.

 At 8:30 – 9:00 AM the staffs were busy preparing for the said event and one of them is Ms. Grace the Event Organizer of the beach resorts.  

 epr2The kids with their cooking attire.


 Cooking Lesson Set-up



 As you can see in this photo the kids took basic instruction and briefing under the supervision of Chef John with assistant Chef Nick.

Chef John is the pastry Chef of the resort he prepared all the delicious dessert at the dinner buffet. One of the most important instructions he gave was to first wash their hands before cooking.

epr5As you can see in the photo, Chief John assigned the kids in their designated stations.

epr6Cooking time!

 At exactly 9:10AM kids begun with their activity. They’re so cute and while watching them cooking their parents was also proud of their childrens.



 Bolognese pasta with touch of filipino

Bolognese pasta is the menu for that day because based on Chef John it is less time consuming and more easy to prepare.

epr8It’s Snack time!

At exactly 9:25AM the kids happily ate the pasta their prepared together with their proud parents.



Awarding and Picture taking time with Chef John, Ms. Grace and the seven adorable kids.

The activity ended at exactly 9:35 in the morning, the kids and their parent really enjoyed the cooking lesson not just by making their own dish but discovering new things and as a part of the activity, every participant in the said event will receive a certificate of appreciation for them to treasure the picture of their hard work and success.

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