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Ms. Topalian Together with her Friends Visits Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Dive Resort

Bond together with your family in Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Dive Resort that provides the best and affordable hotel accommodation with exclusive veranda and sea side view to capture the refreshing ambiance of the sea.

We guarantee your family will have lots of activities in a leisurely pace as we find it of out-most important thing to commit while having a family gathering to build a strong relationship with each other.

On January 15-17, 2015 two families visited Eagle Point Beach Resort for their family bonding. The first family was a Canadian, namely Ms. Alexandra Topalian together with her two kids , Sacha a 9 Year old boy and Erika a 5 year old girl. Their family is acquainted with the second family from Poland, Ms. Kacia and her husband Mr. Amadah, they also have two kids namely Hana and Omar.

Day 1 :

They arrived around 10:00 am in the morning. First, they rest a little bit changed their clothes and the kids dove into the kiddie pool while the couples sat by the poolside guarding their kids.

At 12:00 PM they ate their lunch in Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant.

And they swim again at the pool.


Day 2:

Around 9:00 AM they started exploring the beach resort and check out the famous Sepoc Beach Center –  a prominent venue for team building and company outing and now serves as a family getaway destination.

But before they begin the much awaited adventure, these four kids rove around the beach resort and they discovered the place where different birds were chirping especially “Elmer” an Australian Cockatoo. He talks sometimes saying “hello” and “Pangit” and the kids ask what’s “Pangit”,   Ms. Grace Claud the event organizer of Eagle Point Beach Resort told them what the English of “Pangit” and it means “Ugly” and the kids complained that they were not “Pangit”.  Kids like them are so endearing.

Finally, come with us as we begin the best adventure ever!


 The picture above shows that Sacha and Omar were enjoying the boat ride to the Sepoc Beach Center – Famous Island in Anilao Batangas.

Sacha had a yellow flag and waved it while exploring the different views of the ocean and said “Welcome Aboard!”  and Erika, sister of Sacha was amazed and she said “Wow, I’m so lucky to ride on a boat in the sea” these four kids really love to explore!


Second photo shows that there are a lot of enormous caves before they reach the Sepoc Beach Center.

But the wonderful thing was when they encountered a small boat with Korean Tourist in it and Erika waved at them as a sign of friendship and the Korean waved back as a response. A nice thing isn’t it ?


After 15 minutes of Boat Ride they reached the famous Sepoc Island.

In this picture, you can see in their faces that the kids admired the place and they can’t wait to play in the white sand. Actually, they brought with them something like kiddie toy of  lawn tennis but the shuttle cock was a soft ball to float in the water.


Picture taking with Mr. Amadah, beside him are the two adorable girls (From right Erika then Hana).

Before we knew their names we recognize Mr. Amadah as Vin Diesel. When we asked his friend Ms. Alexandra about Mr. Amadah, she laughed and said “No! He only looks like Vin Diesel” and when Mr. Amadah removed his glasses I realized that Mr. Amadah and Vin Diesel are pretty much lookalike.


Before the kids play under the sun Ms. Alexandra apply a sunblock to Erika.


You can see that Hana was drinking a coconut juice.

They like coconuts because according to them coconuts are rich in minerals. On the other side, Mr. Amadah was watching Omar in the Ocean while playing alone in the seashore.

Having a conversation with Ms. Kacia and Ms. Alexandra, makes me learn new things and facts about them to know them deeper. Chatting with the guest  was like talking to a friend, this journey was one of my indelible experiences.


Feel the bonding between Father and son as you witness Mr. Amadah playing with His son Omar in the seashore.

Playing under the sun is the most popular and enjoyable activity when you go to a beach.


Yes! a refreshing view for them to relax and a good weather to explore the marine life. Adventuring underwater is always a special experience to discover our country in an original way.

Mr. Amadah with his wife Ms. Kacia and Sacha went snorkeling and they discover the beauty of every enormous cave in the island. While Ms. Alexandra lay in the white sand to feel the warmth of the sun.



Around 1:00 in the afternoon they ate lunch.

They bought big fish in the beach resort and they want to cook it in the Sepoc Beach Center. They ate healthy foods like fruits, vegetable salad and grilled fish. In this picture, you can capture the care of a mother to her family by preparing their lunch.


Ms. Alexandra and Mr. Amadah carefully deboned the fish before they serve it to the kids.

Below are the photos of them while enjoying the food.




After a few minutes the lunch has ended.

Before Dawn the family went back to the beach resort!


At exactly 8:50 in the evening they ate their last dinner buffet in the resort.

The families really love the taste of the signature dessert of the beach resort “the Calamansi Pie”.

Day 3 : Last Day!

At exactly 8:15 AM they started their last day in the beach resort.

The four kids joined the cooking lesson in the Batangas Beach resort. They learned how to cook Bolognese pasta with a twist of Filipino Style with the help of Chef John assisted by Chef Nick.


After the cooking lesson, they spent their time in the kiddie pool. Then they checked out.

During their three days in Eagle Point Beach Resort, you can easily capture the genuine smiles from their faces, the sign that they already have fun being with us. But not just that these enthusiastic guests gave recommendation for more improvement of the place.

Thanks for letting us capture your journey :)

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