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Beach Resorts in Batangas : What to Consider Before Taking Your PADI Instructor Development Course

Looking for a best vacation this season? Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Anilao could be the answer to your problems. This best beach resort in Batangas has scuba diving package perfect for your weekend getaway.

Deciding to take the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is a big step, so we checked in with one of the best in the biz – Renowned Industry Recognised Award Winning Multiple Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod – about what to think about and what questions to ask before you make the leap. 

When taking any professional dive training there are many important things to consider. Below are what I, as a PADI Course Director, have come across as important considerations.


I’ve found that initially, cost is the first thing that candidates consider – but where possible, people are more interested in gaining a higher quality or more professional training experience at a slightly higher price. Rest assured, when you take the PADI Instructor Development Course you will receive the full curriculum as laid out by PADI however teaching styles may vary depending who is teaching the course. When looking at costs, make sure you consider what is included and what experience you’ll have.


Location is, and should be, a major player in the decision-making process and of course the quality of diving is important, but more importantly is its suitability for training. For example, our location and logistics during an IDC allow our boat to leave directly from the beach outside the dive shop and our purpose built training site is only approximately 5 minutes away.

Course Director

The experience of the PADI Course Director (who will be teaching the course) is another important factor when training for a new career in diving. Consider how long the Course Director has been working within an area and what connections that might have that could help you with future employment.

Group Size

One common questions received by potential new instructor candidates is; how many will be in the group? Of course group sizes can vary hugely from month to month, store to store, Course Director to Course Director. As such we have become well-versed in dealing with both large and small class numbers and I’ve found there are a range of benefits to each. Smaller groups can offer a more personal experience, but on the other hand having more people in the group allows candidates to gain a more realistic teaching environment and tests candidates more effectively throughout the program – which in my mind is what the IDC is all about!

Some candidates worry that having more people taking the course together may results in a reduced level of individual attention. We don’t find this is an issue, particularly because there will be highly experienced Staff Instructors who assist both me and our candidates during the IDC. This has a range of benefits in itself – especially when it comes to teamwork and giving candidates different teaching experiences. When completing problem solving activities, having more people on the course give candidates the perfect chance to test their abilities amongst different personalities. It also has the added benefit of having more candidates playing the role of students which requires more considerations for control – all in all, it gives the candidate a better understanding of the various experiences they will have as an instructor.

Generally our schedule and course structure revolves around 8 – 10 people. But this can be easily adapted on short notice if needed.

The Experience

One of my favourite aspects of teach IDCs is the personal connection I get to develop with my candidates. This means every IDC is different from the last! We really are changing and adapting our training schedule regularly to best fit the needs of our candidates.

Our PADI IDC Program in the Gili Islands, Indonesia delivers the required PADI IDC Curriculum, but beyond that, it instills in our candidates the passion for dive training and education that me and all the staff her feel! We’re incredibly lucky to have what is, in my opinion, the best job in the world and I hope that each of our candidates feels the same. I also take great pride in training our Instructors to be the best dive educators they can be and helping them develop crucial organisational, problem solving and teamwork skills to help them go further not just in their careers but in life.

As I said at the start, rest assured that when you sign up for a PADI Instructor Development Course, you will receive the full PADI Instructor Development Curriculum as laid out by PADI. Knowing this, then consider cost, the team in charge of training, location and experience amongst other things – and of course, do your research. Websites, blogs and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) are great resources and you can even find first hand PADI IDC reviews on specialised scuba diving forums. If you’ve still got questions or are interested in doing your IDC, get in touch.

Ready to go? Find out the next steps here.


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