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Beach in Batangas: Maersk Filipinas Crewing Inc., Company Outing in Famous Batangas Resort

Company outing mixed with unique team building activities was one of the most effective ways to connect to our employees in terms of camaraderie, self-confidence, expansions and career growth. Here in Batangas in part of Anilao, Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resort is the best place to conduct your activities, where Sepoc Beach Centre welcomes you with smiles.

Eagle Point Resort in Batangas hosted Maersk Filipinas Crewing Inc., team building activity in commemoration of their anniversary celebration. The advance party arrived in the resort at 9 in the evening of June 30, 2017, in preparation on their activity. Their group arrived in the resort at around 10 AM of July 1, 2017.

They leave their luggage on their designated luggage area and wear their best summer suits. One big boats are waiting for them and ready to on board them going to Sepoc beach centre.

A 30 minutes travel from the main land resort going to this little paradise which we consider as the best team building venue in Anilao. Upon arrival, our guest rested for awhile embracing the magnificent beauty of the place, the scenery and nature meets in the center.

Landed on the beautiful island of Maricaban, where the Sepoc tree and its wonderful diversity of nature meets the eye of our corporate and regular guest. Mearks land their steps on sandy and pebbly shoreline of Sepoc.

First, they had they early meals to fuel up and boost their competitiveness for the upcoming battle of the Gods and Goddesses of beauty and body.

After their meal, they prepared for their cheering competition.


They were randomly grouped into four teams.

Team Pukita

Team Keme


Team – Ba


Pata – Team


First Activity: Obstacle Relay!!


On the first run, the Team-Keme in on the lead, but in the end the Pukita won the race.


Second Activity: Fill in the Drums!!


Its fun under the sun, this game will definitely make them sweat and wet at the same time.


Each members of the team have their own responsibilities and if not taken attention will ruined everything! Go Team!


Team Keme got this game!!


Last but definitely not the lease team building activities in this beautiful Batangas resort.

Longest Line!!


And just like other group, longest line is a secret game so that they cannot cheat and won’t bring anything from the tables, just their clothes.


“Take this and that off, put it on the line faster…. Faster.” The words that we can hear on this game.



With so much effort, they even lay their bodies on the sand even the sun is strike-ling hot just to make their lines longer than others but luckily the winner for this game is Team Keme again.

After the tiring but fun games, they took another fight for their lunch and that was “Boodle Fight” a traditional Filipino feast.



 And that was the start of their free time. After lunch some of them do swimming, playing volleyball and taking photos. By 3 pm we head back to the main resort since their PM snack is waiting for them at Eagle’s nest restaurant.

No questions asked, they surely have fun!! Do you want to experience this fun under the sun in this famous beach in Batangas? Batangas beaches are indeed the busiest place during company outing season, no worries, we got what you are looking for. For inquiries and reservations feel free to contact us!


Thank you for reading!

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