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Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas : Us Regaldive’s Top 5 Dive Travel HotSpots

Anilao Batangas resorts and beaches are known for scuba diving destination that offers basic and advance diving lessons and Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas offers affordable diving packages. Now let’s read this article about “Us Regaldive’s Top 5 Dive Travel HotSpots”.

What makes a great dive travel destination? What you can see underwater is obviously highest on most divers’ priorities but there’s a myriad of other considerations that may or may not appear on your holiday radar including climate, travelling distance, accommodation choice, topside attractions and of course, budget. Whatever your holiday wish list, there’s many destinations that consistently come up with the goods as far as diving and overall holiday experiences are concerned. Dip your fins into Regaldive’s guide to our top five dive travel hotspots around the world

Red Sea (Egypt)

Egypt offers a truly unforgettable experience above and below the water. Visitors cannot fail to be seduced by the unique combination of historical and cultural treasures, and the outstanding underwater scenery and marine life. Egypt’s Red Sea offers some of the finest coral reefs and ship wrecks to explore on the planet. It’s also the ideal destination for UK holidaymakers with just five hours flying time, excellent value for money, year round sunshine and crystal clear warm waters.

Egypt’s reputation has suffered over the years with concerns about sheer popularity and latterly political issues, but no other destination can match it for a diving holiday so close to the UK. If you think you’ve seen all Egypt has to offer, take another look at one of the resorts heading south, far off the usual tourist trail, and be transported back in time to when Egypt’s pristine reefs and plentiful sharks and dolphins were first discovered by divers. Or rediscover the Red Sea by liveaboard. There’s an incredible choice of boats and itineraries on offer to suit all tastes and budgets. Egypt really does have it all.

Underwater Photographer scuba dives at Anemone City, Red Sea


If you’re looking for a diving holiday with plenty of adventure in a spectacularly beautiful and natural location, then take a look at the Azores. Located just three and half hours flight from the UK, the nine emerald islands that form the mid-Atlantic Azores archipelago are also an ideal getaway for those who don’t want to travel far. The Azores are famous for their amazing underwater topography – labyrinthine tunnels, canyons and arches which have been etched out by lava streams over the centuries.

Divers can hope to encounter at least 25 different pelagic species including blue and mako sharks, spotted, bottlenose and Risso’s dolphins, turtles, rays, and even whale sharks. Beaked whales, sperm whales, humpbacks and false killer whales can also be spotted from the surface. Each island has its own unique charm but share a common accent on adventure. Climb volcanoes, cycle or hike through picturesque landscapes, take to the water on a whale watching trip, or explore World Heritage sites. The Azores is still below a lot of divers’ radar so get in quick before it’s discovered by the masses!


The Caribbean coast of Mexico offers the complete holiday package with miles of white sand beaches, an array of cultural attractions and a well-developed tourist industry. Underwater, the Yucatan Peninsula sits at the very tip of the world’s second largest barrier reef. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef stretches south for over 1000kms, and is considered unique in terms of both its vast length, and its stunning biodiversity.

Diving is big business in Mexico but it’s the variety of diving on offer here which ticks our boxes. Serious divers head to the island of Cozumel, home to the world class reefs and current-washed walls so revered by Jacques Cousteau. Plan your trip according to the seasons and you can practically guarantee spectacular underwater encounters with sailfish, bull sharks or whale sharks. Finally, allow time in your planning to visit the world famous Cenotes. The chance to explore this incredible submerged limestone cavern system is the reason so many divers head to this part of Mexico. Float in clear fresh water with up to 50m visibility amongst amazing formations of stalagmites and stalactites, bathed in shafts of light filtering through the jungle canopy above. Absolutely stunning!

Diving In A Cenote, Mexico


There is more to discover underwater in the largest archipelago on the planet than almost anywhere else in the world. Indonesia’s sprawling islands are as diverse as there are many. From encounters with massive mola mola in beautiful Bali, to facing dragons in the furthest reaches of the Komodo National Park, Indonesia is a magnet for divers who would need a lifetime to explore all that it offers.

Parts of Indonesia are justifiably more famous than others and magical Manado, at the Northern tip of Sulawesi, rates highly on most divers’ bucket lists. There is said to be a greater variety of marine life in the seas off North Sulawesi than anywhere else on the planet. Here amongst the dramatic volcanic landscape divers experience everything from the smallest pygmy seahorses and nudibranchs, to eagle rays, orcas and pilot whales. Visit Bunaken National Marine Park for pristine soft corals alongside huge concentrations of fish life or get down and dirty in Lembeh Straits, probably the world’s finest muck diving destination and home to a multitude of weird and wonderful critters that attract top macro photographers from all over the world. Macro photography heaven.


Picture postcard pretty, the islands of the Maldives are the image of most holidaymakers’ perfect getaway. If your idea of holiday heaven is trickling powder soft sand through your toes, then the Maldives will definitely meet your needs but venture beneath the surface, and you’ll discover one of the most exciting and exhilarating drift diving destinations on the planet.

The relative isolation of the Maldives has led to a fabulous variety of marine species. Seasonal oceanic currents forge channels of plankton rich waters into and out of the atolls, attracting many pelagics like mantas, sharks and whale sharks. There’s also plentiful smaller fish amidst the beautiful coral gardens and picturesque, sheltered lagoons. Choose an island with a house reef for the ultimate mix of boat diving and easy accessibility – many islands have house reefs so good that they are frequented by liveaboards. Or choose a liveaboard itself for absolute diving freedom and the chance to travel uncharted waters amidst truly uninhabited islands.  The ultimate getaway.

Clown fish swimming in coral garden, beautiful undersea nature,

Jane is the Marketing Manager for UK dive holiday specialists Regaldive and has been diving for ten years. Regaldive has been organising diving holidays for over 25 years and offers liveaboards and land-based trips to 20+ leading dive destinations around the world.


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