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New Barbizon Fashion visits Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas!

Looking for an affordable team building venue for your company? Eagle Point Resort is one of the best beach resorts in Batangas that could cater team building activities and other corporate events. We have different facilities that could suffice the needs of our guests. We have seminar rooms that are best used for trainings and seminars. And if you want to relax a bit, we have four pools that could make your stress go away. Now, we would like to share to you the experience of New Barbizon Fashion during their stay at Eagle Point Resort.


COMPANY: New Barbizon Fashion
WHAT: Team Building Activity
WHEN: September 5-6, 2014
Sales Person: Ms. Annie Cotacte
Facilitator: Ms. Grace Marcos

Last September 5, 2014, New Barbizon Fashion conducted their team building activity at Eagle Point Resort. They arrived at the resort past 9am and after they deposited their things at the business center, they headed to the Sepoc Beach Center for their team building activity. They have their own facilitator, Ms. Grace Marcos.


The Group when they arrived at the Sepoc Beach Center

The group rode in 2 big boats going to the island.They arrived at exactly 10:30 am. They immediately proceeded to their team building activity.They conducted three games at the island which is kayak race, sand castle making and flag hunting.After that, they took lunch at the Sepoc Beach Center and during their free time,they just enjoyed and appreciated the beauty of the island.After a few minutes of exploring, the rain poured but that didn’t destroyed the mood of the group.They were advised to go back to the resort past 3pm and they arrived safely at around 4pm.

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The Group enjoying their Team Building Activity


Photo after the Team Building

10626613_1465987203665940_447383265247529168_n 10626568_1465937170337610_8297974624079769500_n

Lunch at the island.


The group’s  sumptuous meal… 

Some of the employees went to their respective groups while others went to the pool and had fun while waiting for dinner.Dinner was served at around 8 in the evening and they stayed at the Balayan Ballroom until 11:30pm for their contest “Mr Boyish and Gayish.”Ms. Grace Marcos asked three of our heads (Ms. Mr. Romy Maruquez-Food and Beverage Manager, Ms. Tessa Zalvo-Front Office Manager and Ms. Grace Moralde-Social Directress) to be the judge of the said event.After the fun and tiring day, they went to their respective rooms to take a rest.

10646686_1465937737004220_4237945216954505387_n 10686920_1465942000337127_2130580444099117430_n 10612667_1465937673670893_1878400101541007252_n(2)

Mr. Boyish and Gayish

 10678652_1465937553670905_616755687785049962_n 10672314_1465986296999364_2014807596540329625_n

Dinner at the Balayan Ballroom

The next day, they just enjoyed the amenities of the resort while waiting for their breakfast. They swam and played games in the game room and by 12 noon,they checked out.They really had fun at the resort and Ms. Grace Marcos left with a promise that she will definitely come back at the resort and bring 400 of their employees.

10649979_1465943860336941_1212025202414623861_n 10620660_1465986460332681_4682725438264860488_n 983780_1465943807003613_4981418957485089021_n

 The group enjoying the amenities of the resort before checking out.

 Another successful event!

Special thanks to Ms. Grace Marcos for handling the event.

And to Ms. Grace Claud and Mr. JM for assisting our guests.

We would like to thank everyone for making this event possible

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